MARK ZUCKERBERG Unveils New Features To Help People Find, Message & Buy On Whatsapp!

hello readers welcome back to work article in this article we will give you some unmasking facts about some of the greatest features so that people can come up with and learn about new features so they can also get people on WhatsApp in ians Find and say goodbye on Facebook, so this news has gotten a lot of attention lately, and they want to know how many people Mark Zuckerberg explained in your WhatsApp business feature.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest news! ! ! !

Mark Zuckerberg unveils new features to help people find, message and buy on Whatsapp

Mark Zuckerberg unveils new WhatsApp features

It’s very helpful to let everyone know exactly what’s changed, so on November 17, IANS Meta, who has been on WhatsApp, revealed a new feature that aims to improve the experience of Singh commerce and the people there so that they too Being able to expand connections and connect with their favorite brands can benefit them in so many ways, so this is like the first ever WhatsApp Business Summit in Brazil.

Mark Zuckerberg unveils new features to help people find, message and buy on WhatsApp

So people are really curious and looking forward to trying this, people can also search for a specific brand or a specific small business that they want to contact or reach out to on WhatsApp, they can also browse through the list of categories by typing in a name however this will also save people from having to Find the number or type it into their contact list.

Other than that it’s totally for people out there they can easily start and chat with a business and if you’re desperate to shop or buy something from that particular business you can communicate with them and also test payments through it , so that it can provide capacity to the people there and to their business in Brazil. So, if you are someone doing business in Brazil, people don’t need to worry, you can easily find them and contact whoever you want via WhatsApp chat.

But this particular feature is now only available in Brazil but is also working and doing their best so that they can bring this particular feature to another country as well so they can experience this as well, so according to the company they Also mentioned some of their projects as a joint WhatsApp launch business, businesses can help them in many ways like creating bank accounts, they can also buy airline tickets and even order groceries while sitting at home.

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