Who Is CORNEISHA BUTLER Ex-Perkins Death Video, Cause Of Death, Who Killed Her?

A horrific video has gone viral on social media and garnered widespread attention. Many who viewed the video claimed it was the last video of the man who was later found dead. After seeing the confusion on social media, we decided to look into this and try to find out what really happened. Besides that, the name that goes viral with the video is Cornesia Buter. As soon as the name and the video surfaced on the Internet, people began to pay attention to the deceased and her cause of death.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Cornesia Butler Death Video

Cornesia Butler Death Video

Those who haven’t seen the video want to know what exactly is described in it and why people are calling this the last one. Corneisha Butler, a mother of four, was reportedly killed. Her body was found on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, and her alleged killer was her toxic ex-girlfriend. Corneisha’s ex-girlfriend, Kayla, killed her on Wednesday, reports said.

What happened to Cornesia Butler?

The murder reportedly came after months of threats and harassment by Kayla. She was apparently jealous of Cornisha’s success, the report said. Just before the killing, Kahla went to Corneisha’s home and set her Jeep and Mercedes on fire. Both vehicles were the property of the deceased and were in close proximity to her. The incident specifically points to Kayla’s attempts to ruin her ex-girlfriend’s life.

Who Killed Cornicia Butler?

Unfortunately, this is a sad story of jealousy and hatred for senseless killing. Now a video has gone viral that people claim to be linked to Konesha’s murder. However, there is no such website where the video was posted, but some fake videos have been posted online claiming to be the last video of the deceased. Many videos are clickbait and contain misinformation.

Our sources are trying to detect the video, we will update Corneisha Butler Last Video here once we have the link. The situation is serious, please wait patiently, and it is not appropriate to spread false information. Some sources say the video is CCTV footage, and many claim it depicts the last moments of the dead. Well, we can’t claim it without watching the video. For more information please contact us.

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