Oyo REC decries low voter turnout –

Will Akintheroo

Oyo State Resident Election Commissioner (REC) Dr Adeniran Tella condemned the low voter turnout in Saturday’s election.

In several polling stations in Ibadan, as monitored by the Nigerian Tribune, the ratio of approved voters to several registered voters ranged from 20% to 30%, some polling stations had ratios of 63:233, 138:472, 76:368.

Speaking to reporters after monitoring the election at some polling places, Tyra said it was inconceivable that voter turnout remained low despite the early arrival of election materials and officials and the apparent presence of security personnel at various polling places .

Tyra said he wondered what the excuse was for those who did not attend noting that its electoral process was orderly, including its use of the Bimodal Voter Authentication System (BVAS).

He added that it was reassuring that the commission had not yet received reports of violence at any polling station disrupting the conduct of the election.

Tyra said: “I don’t know what the reason for the low turnout is. BVAS has been working fine. Security and election officials are on site. I don’t know the reason for the low voter turnout.

“We almost managed to run the election. That means they played by the rules.

“So far, there have been no reports of violence.
“The early arrival of security personnel and materials was a major determinant of getting people out on time to vote. People followed the rules.”

Regarding the transfer of results using IREV, Tella responded: “When the voting unit is finished collation, the results will be uploaded via BVAS, which is the IreV component.”

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