BET Africa celebrates Redemption’s 100th episode –

Segon Adebayo

BET Africa, a leading provider of premium content from Black creators and champions of Black content and culture, is celebrating the 100th episode of one of its biggest daily dramas of the year, Redemption.

Since its premiere last September, the daily series has been providing viewers with a dramatic story revolving around the tight-knit and respected Zikode family and their megachurch legacy.

As the story’s pinnacle unfolds, the centennial episode rings out in gunshots. The Zikode church is on fire, a gun is missing, and bloodshed is about to happen. Who are the unfortunate victims?

“The storyline of Redemption resonated with the African community and audiences, so we are very proud to assess the success of Redemption at this pivotal point in the story and 130 episodes in the making.

“The show has had an extraordinary response and is a direct reflection of BET’s mission to unite content, community and culture as a destination for Black expression in all its forms and as a gathering place for Black creators, Black talent and the Black community,” said Monde Twala, Senior Vice President, General Manager and Principal, BET International.

Production aside, the show’s success can be attributed to the cast, who added a remarkable flair to dramatic and duplicitous characters and storylines. African Film Academy Award Winner,

Tina Jaxa stars as Evelyn Zikode, the wife and matriarch of a devout priest. The dame is the wife of Reverend Simon Zikod, and she is played by one of South Africa’s most popular actors, Themba Ndaba, head of the megachurch and custodian of Zikod’s estate.

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