LETTER: Headline not indicative of positive changes in Langford

I’m a long-time Langford resident and I take issue with the headline on the front page of the March 8 Gazette “The Good Times Are Gone, Langford’s Growing Pains”. This subjective statement is merely an opinion, an assumption which, to me, is actually false.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like tax increases as much as anyone else, but I appreciate living in Canada and understanding that taxes serve a purpose. Creating a safe, vibrant and happy community goes beyond keeping taxes low.

For example, as you reported in the same issue, some of the tax revenue will be used to add more firefighters and RCMP officers. In my opinion, this is a much-needed positive move. As our population continues to soar, having well-equipped emergency services is critical to keeping our cities safe (and crime down).

As for saving the YMCA, I feel like the city is in a bind. The existing agreement between the former council and the building’s owner (Westhills) stipulated that if Y defaulted, the city would have to take over the lease payments anyway. I agree with their decision to help sustain Y.

As far as “Langford’s growing pains” go… any new position will go through a learning curve, especially when it’s tasked with making changes, correcting some mistakes and cleaning up some of the mess left by the previous management. Change is challenging and sometimes unsettling, but Langford residents voted it in, and the new Mayor and City Council are driving change.

So I don’t think Langford’s good times are over, quite the opposite. The city is starting to add infrastructure and is addressing concerns residents have expressed for years. These concerns have often fallen on deaf ears at previous council meetings. I’m very bullish on Langford’s new path.

So please… be careful with abstract titles. While this letter is my opinion, front page news shouldn’t be.

susan gooch


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