Motherhood changed me in ways I can’t imagine —Ini Edo –

Segon Adebayo

Nollywood actress Ini Edo is excited about her daughter’s second birthday as she celebrates her daughter in no uncertain terms with God’s “greatest gift” and her “biggest wish” ” Gratitude.

Ini Edo talked about her experience of being a mother in the past two years and revealed that after becoming a mother, her life has undergone unprecedented changes. She called her daughter “the most precious and lovely little girl” who brought comfort and joy to children hapiness. her whole life.

“God gave me the greatest gift and my greatest wish. The shining light, the most precious and sweetest little girl, I don’t know how much my life will change, how much comfort and joy can be brought by one person… I Smart and lovely princess, I love you more than life itself.”

Elaborating further on how her life has changed forever, the actress said she experienced motherhood in a way she never imagined, noting that waking up every day to see her daughter’s presence and the love she brings is inspirational. Excited. “No one can describe the feeling without having experienced it,” she added.

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