Crane lifts 12,000 pound encasement at Sarnia Police Headquarters

The transformer was replaced in a coordinated manner by Sarnia Police Headquarters on Tuesday morning.

Planning, policy, fleet and facilities manager Jason Dyer said there was a crane on site operating behind the Christina Street building.

“There is a very large [cement] The casing on top of the transformer had to be removed,” Dale said. “We knew when we built this building it was just for aesthetics. It weighs about 12,000 pounds, so a very large crane is required to remove it. “

Workers use a crane outside Sarnia police headquarters. April 4, 2023. (Photo by Melanie Owen)

Dell said it cost about $20,000 just to remove the cement casing.

“We have multiple contractors, Bluewater Power and crane companies on site.”

He said Bluewater Power would pay for the new transformers.

“The transformer takes power from the road, which is at a higher voltage — about 4,100 volts — and steps it down to 208 volts, which is usable in the building.”

Dell said the device was malfunctioning.

“The inside of the transformer is cooled with oil, and this transformer is leaking oil just because it’s so old. So, it could overheat and stop working.”

The leak caused no damage as the protective casing around the transformer absorbed the oil, he said.

Operations within Police Headquarters were not affected while the work was underway, as the building’s electricity usage was diverted to an on-site generator.

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