BC SPCA has seen a ‘marked increase’ in number of puppies being surrendered in 2023

With Surrey breeders recently surrendering 17 dogs, the BC SPCA has seen a significant increase in the number of puppies entering its care this year.

“We’ve taken in nearly 350 puppies so far, up from 200 this time last year,” said Eileen Drever, BC SPCA senior officer for conservation and stakeholder relations.

A breeder in Surrey recently handed over 17 dogs (11 eight-day-old yellow Labrador retrievers, three 10-week-old border collie mix puppies and five adult retriever mixes) to BC SPCA’s care — an example of the ongoing influx of puppies from breeders and other sources, a release said.

Drever said many of the puppies entering the SPCA’s care come from people who turned to breeding to make money during the COVID-19 pandemic, when demand for pets was high, but are now overwhelmed by the market needing to care for the animals because their puppies have dwindled up.

“Among the puppies that were ingested recently, they tested positive for roundworms and giardia, which we’re currently treating,” Drever said.

She noted that the large number of puppies turned over has put an added strain on the BC SPCA’s resources.

“While it is true that puppies are more likely to be adopted than adult dogs, puppies and their mothers require a significant investment of time and effort from BC SPCA foster care volunteers,” she said.

“Mums and their puppies need 24/7 care until the puppies are weaned. Puppies also need house training and socialization.”

Drever doesn’t see the influx slowing down anytime soon.

“Too many people still think it’s a good way to make quick money and don’t understand the amount of care required and the costs involved,” Drever said.

“That’s why we encourage everyone to make sure their dog comes from a reputable breeder. Or better yet, adopt a dog from the BC SPCA or a reputable rescue organization.”

The puppies are expected to be available for adoption in about six weeks.

To learn about adoption, visit the BC SPCA website.

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