Curlers organize to keep facilities at Roseland

Roseland Golf and Curling Club curlers have started a petition asking the club to continue curling.

During Monday’s budget deliberations, Windsor City Council passed a motion asking the government to write a report on the redevelopment of the clubhouse and the future of curling.

In 2020, the city hired a golf course consulting firm to finalize the club’s future business plan. The business plan will be followed by a feasibility study in 2021.

Both studies recommend redevelopment of the golf club’s clubhouse by demolishing the curling facilities.

The council said more public consultation would be completed before any recommendations were made.All proposals need to be submitted to City Council for approval

“The curling community is prepared to work with the city to reach a mutually satisfactory outcome that does not sacrifice one recreational group, the curling group, for another, the golfers,” Trifink said.

The 10-year capital budget earmarked $4.9 million for rebuilding the club.

Seven leagues currently operate out of Roseland Golf and Country Club. About 350 curlers use the facility on a regular basis.

petition can be found here.

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