Disturbances at St. Thomas hospital lead to separate arrests

St Thomas Police have charged two 21-year-old men for being “aggressive” towards police and hospital staff in separate incidents.

Both incidents happened at St Thomas Elgin General Hospital on Tuesday.

According to a statement from the St. Thomas Police Service (STPS), police were initially called to reports of the assault.

When they arrived at the scene, police assisted security personnel in arresting a man who allegedly “became aggressive and aggressive towards hospital staff after being discharged”.

The defendants were charged with causing disturbance, assault with a weapon and making threats. He was taken to police headquarters and later released.

On the same day, STPS received another call to help hospital staff escort another 21-year-old man out of the hospital.

Police said the man was charged with making threats after being aggressive towards one of their officers.

The second suspect was also transferred to the local police station and taken to court.

A spokesman for STPS confirmed the two 21-year-olds did not know each other and the incidents were “completely unrelated”.

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