Equipment at south London home consistent with cannabis extraction lab, police say

More details have been released about the “potentially hazardous” material found in a south London home.

The discovery was made on Wednesday after police were called to the home for a disturbance. At the scene, police noticed some strange equipment and materials, prompting them to call the local fire department to investigate.

Police and fire crews remained in the Commissioners Road East and Huntington Drive area Thursday afternoon.

A statement from the Metropolitan Police Service (LPS) said: “Owing to public safety concerns, an initial search of the residence uncovered hazardous materials and equipment, leading investigators to believe that a cannabis extraction laboratory was located at the residence.”

London officials are conducting an ongoing investigation with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Clandestine Labs Investigation Response Team, the OPP Provincial Combined Forces Cannabis Enforcement Team, the London Fire Service and the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office.

One eastbound lane of Commissioners Road East has been closed to traffic and the LPS said it would increase the police presence in the area until further notice.

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