Indigenous B.C. wilderness resort recognized as one of best new hotels in the world

One of the top 15 new hotels in the world, according to renowned travel brand AFAR, is run by Klahoose First Nation.

this Clahus Wilderness Resort British Columbia’s South Coast, northwest of Vancouver, gets endorsement from travel site Accommodation Checklist 2023 It ranks among the top 15 new hotels in the world, alongside the lodges in Tanzania’s legendary Serengeti region and Italy’s famous villas on the shores of Lake Como.

The AFAR list isn’t just about luxury hotels, its authors “think deeply about what makes a hotel experience truly extraordinary.”

It says the hotels they love not only wow them with their great location, design and service. They continually seek to reduce their carbon footprint, benefit the community in a meaningful way, and connect guests to the biodiverse landscape.

The 15 hotels on their list were vetted by a network of editors, writers and travel consultants, and range from idyllic farm retreats in upstate New York to palatial locally run hotels on Italy’s Lake Como.

according to the list AFAR’s websiteOne of Klahoose Wilderness Resort’s greatest assets is its location, 60 minutes by seaplane from Vancouver or 45 minutes by boat from Lund, BC

“The resort is surrounded by more than 2,500 acres of Klahoose territory that the community has preserved for centuries. Here, glacial waterfalls cascade from snow-capped mountains and evergreens fring the Homefrey Sound. Four cabins and The three cedar cabins all face the ocean, and guests can spot humpback whales at sunrise. Activities include an Aboriginal-led grizzly bear tour, woodcarving lessons with Klahoose translator Klemkwateki Randy Louie, and—perhaps most rewarding experience— — a participatory ritual of smearing and brushing around the fire,” says author Kathryn Romen.

The only other Canadian property on the 2023 list is the Muir Hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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