Man in Brazil kills 4 children, injures 3 at daycare center

Four children were killed and at least three were injured when a man armed with an ax broke into a daycare center in southern Brazil on Wednesday, authorities said.

Santa Catarina state governor Jorginho Mello confirmed the killing in the city of Blumenau on his Twitter account, writing that the killer had been arrested. The state fire brigade confirmed the man was struck with an ax and three children were taken to hospital.

Television footage showed weeping parents outside a private day-care center called Cantinho do Bom Pastor. Local media reported that the attackers, wielding an axe, climbed over a wall and entered the daycare centre.

Neither the state’s gendarmerie nor its security secretariat immediately responded to a request for more information from The Associated Press.

Attacks on schools in Brazil are uncommon, but they have begun occur and higher frequency exist Last few years. Last week, a student in Sao Paulo Stabbed a teacher, killed herwounding several others in Sao Paulo.

“May God comfort the hearts of all families during this deeply distressing time,” Governor Melo tweeted.

Blumenau, a city of 366,000 people, is famous for its annual Oktoberfest.

Associated Press, Associated Press

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