Pacific Rim National Park Reserve announces temporary dog ban to protect shorebirds

Dogs have been temporarily evicted from Combers Beach for the second year in a row.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve has announced a seasonal dog ban at Combers Beach between Sandhill Creek and Green Point Rocks from April 1 through October 1.

park reservation first Launch ban in 2022 as a pilot project Studying whether it would help migratory birds that rely on beaches to rest and feed on their migratory routes between the Arctic and South America.

“As we learn more about the importance of the Long Beach area to migratory waterbirds, this management tool is being used to reduce waterbird disturbance during a critical time in the annual cycle—during migration,” the announcement reads.

“When migratory birds are disturbed, the extra time and effort it takes to escape can affect their survival. The presence of dogs also helps wildlife adapt, such as wolves that frequent beaches for coastal food sources.”

The dog ban includes the Combers Beach Trail and boardwalk from Green Point Campground to Combers Beach.

Dogs are allowed in all other areas of the park reserve but must be kept on a leash at all times.

“Parks Canada continues to raise awareness of the importance of keeping dogs on a leash in national park reserves,” the announcement reads.

“Unfortunately, this regulation is often ignored. Ongoing research shows that off-leash dogs can negatively impact wildlife, so Parks Canada is experimenting with using this management tool to protect migratory shorebirds. “

Observations from 2022 show the dog ban has been successful, with ecological monitoring teams observing a 97 percent reduction in dog numbers and a 9 percent increase in shorebird populations, the park reserve said.

Parks Canada staff will be monitoring the area and anyone who sees a dog in the restricted area is encouraged to contact Parks Canada Dispatch at 250-726-3604, or toll-free at 1-877-852-3100.For more information, please visit

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