Unpredictable weather, improper B.C. highway driving prompt reminders ahead of long weekend

The Easter Bunny won’t be the only ones on the road this long weekend, and with that in mind, ICBC is reminding motorists to be aware of unpredictable road conditions.

According to ICBC data from 2017 to 2021, there were an average of 2,200 crashes in B.C. each Easter long weekend resulting in two deaths and 610 injuries. That means an average of 70 people were injured in 310 crashes on Vancouver Island, 450 in 1,400 crashes in the Lower Mainland, 66 in 330 crashes in the South Interior, and 21 in 130 crashes in the North Central Injuried.

While spring is officially here, that doesn’t mean spring weather can be expected this long weekend. With many plans involving road trips, vacations and visiting family and friends during the holidays, traffic may increase and ICBC is warning road users to exercise caution.

Some tips include double-checking your vehicle—including oil, washer fluid, lights, and tires—before you set off—while making sure to plan your route ahead of time based on the weather forecast, get plenty of rest before driving and adjust those plans to weather and road conditions.

ICBC is also reminding drivers to watch out for motorcycles and wildlife as the weather improves.

Ahead of the long weekend, B.C. Road Safety is also reminding motorists of an often overlooked road rule.

The provincial government agency is reminding drivers on social media that you can’t drive in the left lane at the same speed or slower than traffic on the right on roads with a speed limit of 80 km/h or higher. Improper use of passing lanes can result in a $167 ticket and 3 license points.

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