VIDEO: Chilliwack man donates mobility scooter to senior who had his stolen

the same day Chilliwack Progress Wayne Pavich, 67, reportedly received two offers to replace his mobility scooter after he discovered his mobility scooter had been stolen from the shed of his downtown apartment.

First up was Jonathan Kornelsen, who said his Central Community Church may have a mobility scooter ready for Pavic at the same time, or even permanently.

Kornlesen talked to Pavich to see if it would be a good fit.

Almost immediately after that, Jonathan Neufeld and schedule Let’s say his dad bought a brand new scooter two years ago and sadly passed away six months later.

“It’s been sitting in our garage for over a year,” Neufeld said. “Maybe we’ll donate it to him.”

He said he wanted to sell it, but no bids were made, so it was there, in great condition, but unused.

In the end, Neufeld’s proposal was more appropriate than the church’s. schedule Neufeld and Pavich were connected and the donation was made on March 31st.

schedule Meet the two at the Edwards Crossing Square car park near the Pavich Building. Unfortunately the scooter was stored with the key in the on position so the battery died. But that’s okay, a brief push around the corner to Pavich’s shed, it’s plugged in, and his new wheels work fine.

Neufeld said he would be happy to help those in need by donating.

When asked how he felt about the donation, Pavic brought up Neufeld but also the thief, which got everyone laughing.

“I’m very happy,” he said. “Chilliwack has some really nice people. But also some real a-es.”

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