Local unemployment creeps upward in March

Unemployment rates in Canada and Ontario held steady in March, but rose slightly in Windsor.

Unemployment in Windsor It was 5.7% last month, an increase of one-tenth of a percentage point from February.

Another 2,500 people joined the local workforce, increasing the participation rate from 64.6% to 65.3%.

While the local economy has added another 2,000 jobs, many more are still looking for work.

The Ontario economy added another 21,000 jobs in March, not enough to bring down the unemployment rate. It held steady at 5.1%.

Statistics Canada’s labor force survey showed that 35,000 jobs were added across the country and the unemployment rate remained at 5% for the fourth straight month.

The transportation and warehousing sector added a net 41,000 jobs. However, these gains were offset by job losses in construction, services and natural resources.

The workload of Canadians increased slightly last month. Hours worked increased by 0.4% between February and March, which is a 1.6% increase compared to March 2022.

Average hourly earnings continued to climb, rising 5.3 percent, or $1.68, to $33.12 from last March.

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