Magna looking to hire 110 people by the fall

A new investment in the Magna plant in Windsor will create around 110 jobs at the plant.

The company recently announced plans to invest $6 million in its Windsor facility on Twin Oaks Drive.

“We’re doing product launches and we have some disclosure projects that we can’t reveal at the moment. But we’re really excited about the new product that’s coming to the Windsor module and the region, and excited that it will create 110 jobs,” said General Manager Brian Alexander said.

Alexander couldn’t say what exactly was produced, but said it was auto parts.

Production will begin in November 2023.

“There will be no facility expansion, everything will be contained within these walls. The plant will essentially become a full manufacturing facility,” Alexander said.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens said it was significant that the company, which has factories around the world, decided to manufacture the product here.

“Magna has deep roots all over the world and they are good at what they do, and to be able to add this compliment in Windsor is a strong signal that they want to be a part of the success that is happening here in our community,” said Dilkens .

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