New gift card to give Argyle businesses a boost

The city has a new currency and it’s aiming to attract new shoppers to a neighborhood in east London.

The Argyle BIA launched the Argyle Currency Gift Card on Thursday. Physical gift cards can be used at several nearby businesses, including Razors Barber Shop and Craklins Fish & Chips.

The business association hopes the card will not only promote local retailers and institutions, but also attract people from other parts of the city to Argyle Street.

“Argyle is a diverse area that has everything you could need, from butchers and grocery stores to auto stores and health centers, with big box stores and local stores. We also have some really unique businesses and a great sense of community,” said Leah Thomas, Director of Communications and Creative at the BIA. “Argyle currency gift cards will benefit all of our businesses as it is easy for them to accept gift cards and keep dollars where we want to see them, at Argyle. It will also encourage people from the wider London area to discover Argyle Old Street.”

These cards will be available for purchase online Or in person at the Argyle BIA office at 1815 Dundas St. Among other things, the cards will be given out as prizes at community events, Thomas said.

Lina Marie Phillips, owner of Craklins Fish & Chips, points out that as businesses increasingly compete for the extra revenue customers get, it’s good to be part of a program designed to shine a light on local businesses.

“Gift cards are a really neat little program that will bring economic growth to the Argyle area and make you feel good about buying them,” Phillips said. “It’s exciting to think that we have a huge influx of capital that will really help local businesses survive and even expand.”

These cards do not expire, cannot be recharged, and cannot be redeemed for cash.

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