First “salty” arrives at Port of Windsor

A ceremony with ancient naval history in Windsor earlier this week marked the resumption of foreign trade in Canada’s shipping industry.

The M/V Egbert Wagenborg is the first foreign vessel to arrive at Windsor Harbor this year.

To mark the occasion, Harbor Master Peter Berry and officials from ADM Agri Industries greeted the captain and presented a Windsor Harbor Challenge Coin.

The “Salty” is registered in the Netherlands and is classified as a general cargo ship. She is capable of carrying over 20,000 tonnes of cargo. M/V Egbert Wagenberg arrived at ADM Agri Industries on Tuesday.

Captain Francis Bosch admitted he was surprised his ship was the first foreign vessel to arrive in port.

“We try to be the first [St. Lawrence] Kaido, but we arrived and there was already a boat lined up to open,” he said. “We didn’t realize we were the first ones here. I’m proud that we were the first to come to port. “

The St. Lawrence Seaway opened on March 22.

The Port of Windsor is the third largest port in Ontario, receiving more than 600 ships each season, transporting more than 5 million tons of aggregate, salt, steel and grain to Windsor-Essex. It also has the largest marine refueling station in the province.

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