LETTER: North Saanich council giving residents a voice

Letter: North Saanich Council to give residents a voice

I think it’s time for the Peninsula Journalism Review to give us North Saanich residents a little credit for electing our Mayor and Council.

Our mayor was elected by a large majority precisely because we wanted a radical government. The previous council sat on the sidelines, with staff making almost all decisions – so much so that we wondered why we even bothered to vote.

We are fully capable of producing OCP made in North Saanich. We don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire a Vancouver-based urban planning firm, and since we’re a small rural community, we don’t need six or seven urban planners.

Our Mayor and City Council are reaching out to all members of our community. Finally, we feel like we have voices and ears to listen to. Give us some trust and stop giving too much space to naysayers.

Judy McLaren

north saanich

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