Vancouver Island singer to showcase his vocal chops on ‘Canada’s Got Talent’

This month, the Lanzville singer may appear on television again during the national reality show.

Raymond Salgado, 24, will be Canada’s Got Talent Judge Howie Mandel, Lilly Singh, Kardinal Offishall and Trish Stratus on CityTV’s reality show on April 11 to see if he has what it takes. The second season of the resurrected series began airing in late March, with auditions held last fall on the OLG Stage at the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort.

Salgado said the overall experience was a “whirlwind of emotions” unlike his previous TV appearances, where he had launch, launch auditioned for the most recent season in 2018 American idol.

With each appearance, however, Salgado said he was happy to showcase his talent and saw the learning experience as an opportunity for redirection.

“Music became my best friend when I was feeling alone in high school … it really gave me an opportunity to speak the truth about who I am as a person,” he said. “I was always trying to find myself and try to fit in. Music gave me the opportunity to do brave things.”

Salgado has been singing since age 11, has performed with Lauren Spencer-Smith and sang the national anthem at the 2021 Vancouver Canucks game at Rogers Arena.he was skeptical when he started singing Canada’s Got Talent Travel because of past rejections.

“Whether it’s music, or my life … I’ve always felt rejected left and right, like when it comes to my sexuality,” he said, adding that music has always been the catalyst to bring out the best in him One side passes. His supporters, such as manager and friend Matt Dunae, also known as rapper Sirreal, have been encouraging him to keep going.

Although Salgado cannot yet disclose the results of his latest TV appearance, he plans to produce original music this year. His latest single, “If I’m Being Honest,” will be available on major streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify on April 28.

The singer said that most of the music he’s released is about figuring out who he is.

“Also, just make yourself vulnerable. Because as a kid and preteen when it comes to emotional and mental health — it wasn’t really touched or encouraged in my day… especially when it came to toxic masculinity.”

Salgado’s talents can also be admired on his TikTok account with 1.1 million followers under the username @ramon salgado.

He will appear in the fourth episode of the season Canada’s Got Talent Airs Tuesday, April 11 at 8pm on CityTV The episode is also available online Or via the CityTV app.

The singer also said to keep an eye out for other Vancouver Island talent this season as well.

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