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Police drone tracks suspect linked to Ridgetown break-in

A 43-year-old Chatham man is in police custody for allegedly breaking into a business in Ridgetown.

The owner of the store was observing the male suspect when the call was received, police said.

Several officers responded to the break-in but were told the suspect had fled the scene.

Police were able to take control of a search area and deploy an unmanned aerial vehicle that brought officers to the suspect’s location.

The 43-year-old was arrested for burglary, theft, possession of stolen property and willful disguise.

The man is also wanted by police for failing to appear in court and breaching curfew conditions under a previous bail condition.

He is being held pending a bail hearing.

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Woman arrested for impaired driving after slow-moving police chase

A 27-year-old woman took time to sober up in police custody after leading officers on a slow-moving pursuit.

Police said they received a call in Chatham on Saturday about a driver who may have been injured.

The woman was traveling between 15km/h and 35km/h but did not stop for police. Officers successfully performed a tandem parking maneuver and safely pulled over the suspect.

The woman was arrested and taken to police headquarters.

A drug identification specialist determined the woman was using drugs.

During the proceeding, the defendants refused to comply with the lawful demands of a Drug Recognition Officer and were charged with refusing to comply with demands and operating while physically impaired.

The defendant’s motor vehicle was impounded and his driver’s license was revoked.

The woman was released on sobriety for a future court date.

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