City playgrounds slated for upgrades in 2023

This summer, the City of Windsor will replace 18 playgrounds with modern, accessible rides.

The 2023 budget allocates $21 million for parks and recreation improvements.

Larger iconic parks are being installed at Willisted Park, Gignac Park and Fred Thomas Park. A new splashback is also being installed at Fred Thomas Park.

The playground at Willisted Park was designed to reflect the historic character of the Willisted estate, including features highlighting Walkerville’s history.

“The elements of the game that will be installed here are inspired by the life and times of the Walker family, including Hiram Walker, Edward, Mary and all others involved in the creation of the Walkerville and Willistead estates” Drew Dilkens, Mayor of Windsor explain.

Themes for other iconic parks have yet to be announced.

The remaining parks will be smaller community parks. But all of them are accessible through the rubber surface. These include:

Aboriginal Park (2376 Northway Avenue)

Bradley Park (3460 Cross Street)

· Coletta Park (2979 Coletta Court)

Cora Greenwood Park (109 Little River Boulevard)

· Devonshire Highland Park (1697 Calderwood Avenue)

· Garwood Park (765 Irvine Avenue)

Comminar Park (4650 Alpenrose Avenue)

Laguna Lake Park (5001 Southwood Lakes Boulevard)

Maple Leaf Park (3974 Maple Leaf Crescent)

Mayfair Park (2539 Chandler Road)

McKee Park (3026 Sandwich Street)

Patrick Maguire Park (3782 Holburn Street)

· Robert McDonald Park (3971 Ypres Avenue)

· Seneca Park (3515 Wildwood Drive)

Steelmeadow Park (3039 Steelmeadow Road)

Construction on the park will begin this spring and continue through the summer.

“We hope to have all the playgrounds open by the end of summer. Some will open earlier, some will open in midsummer, but for sure everything we do outdoors will depend on the weather,” said James Chacko, executive director of parks and facilities. explain.

The playground at Willistead Park is expected to be completed ahead of Art in the Park, which is scheduled for the first weekend in June.

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