LETTER: Giving a shout out to those who keep us safe and healthy

I wanted to take a moment to share my recent experience with various emergency service positions and the incredible people behind them. My mother was a nurse for 38 years while I was growing up, and I have always been grateful for the important work she did. However, it wasn’t until I cared for her during her battle with cancer and met the various people who filled these roles that I really opened my eyes to the dedication, passion, and desire to help others that these careers require.

The role of emergency service personnel is not only challenging and complex, but also requires constant training, the ability to perform tasks under stressful conditions and provide comfort to those in need. These professions have seen some of life’s toughest times, yet still have the potential to witness miracles like saving lives and raising money for charity.

It’s important to remember that those who help us in our most vulnerable moments are also human. They not only deserve our gratitude, but also deserve our kind treatment. Through my project, I hope to humanize these professions and encourage empathy and gratitude for the individuals who dedicate themselves to helping others.

Whether or not you’ve interacted with police officers, 911 operators, nurses, doctors, medical professionals, firefighters, professional rescue teams, or Border Patrol agents, we’ve all likely encountered people who protect and/or help us.I invite you to visit my project website www.jenniferdowd.ca Learn more about these careers and the remarkable people who make up our emergency services.

Let’s express our gratitude and support for those who have done so much to keep our communities safe and healthy.

jennifer dodd


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