No decision on appeal from South Bruce Peninsula

The South Bruce Peninsula Council will not appeal this week’s court ruling that Saugeen First Nation is the legal owner of a stretch of Sauble Beach until it fully understands the impact on residents and businesses.

Mayor Gary Mitch issued a statement Saturday morning saying the town will continue to review the decision and its implications with legal counsel.

They identified some unresolved questions that they wanted answered before making a decision. The town said it was unsure where the new boundary of the preserve would be or whether it would include land east of the beach, including Lake Shore Drive.

They are also trying to find out whether private landowners have a lifetime interest in the portion of the beach they own. The town said the issue should be resolved with an additional ruling in the coming months.

“The City Council would like to thank you for your patience as we work through these challenging issues,” Michi said. “We assure you that this is our top priority and we will formalize and communicate our position as soon as possible”

Michi added that the council will contact Saugeen First Nation to discuss the issues and will work to find a mutually acceptable interim solution.

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