Rotary Club donates dozens of Easter baskets to Children First

The Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) donated 40 Easter gift baskets to the youth of the Windsor community where Children First are served.

Children First is a local organization that supports families of young children with developmental or mental health issues.

“Our goal was to donate 40 baskets and we did! Our members are passionate about the work they do at Children First and we are delighted to support their mission,” said Rotary Club of Windsor President Leona MacIntyre.

The partnership between the Rotary Club and Children First has been going on for over ten years.

The Easter Basket Project was previously headed by Mark Donlon, who has ties to both organisations. He is Executive Director of Children First and a member of the Rotary Club of Windsor.

Donlon passed away in 2020, but the tradition lives on in his memory.

“This tradition means a lot to our employees and our families,” said Lori Kempe, current Executive Director of Children First. “Unfortunately, there are so many people in our community who need a project like this and we are so grateful that with the support of the Rotary Club (1918) we can help families celebrate the holiday. You can tell a lot of hard work goes into each basket! “

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