MLA Report: Investing in a thriving community

The people of Oak Bay and Gordon Head want our communities to be the best they can be, and that includes having services, infrastructure and community programs that help us all live better lives.

Last month, our government announced the Grow Communities Grant, providing funding for every municipality in British Columbia. I am delighted that the Oak Bay-Gordon Point community municipality and region will receive nearly $31 million in funding, with To support basic infrastructure, services, recreation and more aimed at improving the lives of residents. This is an incredible opportunity for us to come together as a community and invest in our shared future.

With being so close to nature and the ocean, I know people in our community look forward to getting out and enjoying our spectacular surroundings. This investment helps municipalities expand the resources and support we currently provide for recreational activities that people enjoy in their communities, such as parks and trails. Throughout this pandemic, I know that many of us have struggled with feelings of isolation or alienation from loved ones, and supporting municipalities with more programs and initiatives can help us all create a better sense of community. .

In recent years, our communities have seen increased traffic, congestion and existing infrastructure starting to age, making it harder for people to get around safely and efficiently. That’s why I’m glad municipalities have the opportunity to invest in our roads and make our communities safer for walking and biking.

Communities know their own needs best, which is why our government provides this funding for municipalities to use on their local priorities. It’s about investing in the future of our communities and the future of the people who call them home. I look forward to seeing how this funding will help our community and the changes and improvements that will help our community grow and thrive.

Murray Rankin is the MLA for Oak Bay-Gordon Head.

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