Bluewater council rejects request for off-leash dog park

Dog owners in the city of Bluewater will have to wait a lot longer for one of the worst dog parks.

Bluewater Council rejected the request at a recent meeting.

“The council made the decision the night before that we are not going to invest any money in the dog segment now,” Mayor Paul Klopp said. “However, that doesn’t mean our dog owners can’t work together and come up with a plan.”

Klopp pointed out that no money has been put into the dog park budget and MPs are clear that whatever their opinion of dog parks is, that is not the problem.

“The question for us is whether we are going to invest money, and the motion is not to invest any money in dog parks at this time,” he said.

Another issue, Klopp said, was deciding on the location of the dog park. He said Bluewater was fairly spread out, so having the dog park at one end of the municipality rather than the other wasn’t very popular.

Klopp suggested that dog owners should get together and find a common piece of land, and if it happened to be land already owned by the municipality, the council might be more inclined to consider that option as it wouldn’t involve spending any money on the land. Money for the park. Klopp added that the municipality has done this in the past, so this is probably the best chance of getting a dog park.

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