Former Canuck captain Horvat clarifies ‘better than Vancouver’ comment

On Monday, Bohovat sought to clarify comments he made after the New York Islanders’ weekend win that drew the ire of fans in his hometown of Vancouver.

After Horvath was asked Islanders beat Philadelphia Asked about the atmosphere and excitement around the building on Saturday, he responded, “It’s unbelievable. It’s so much better than Vancouver, I can tell you for free.”

The comment went viral, considering Horvat played part of nine seasons with the Canucks and previously captained them. new york trade late January. Horvath said on Monday that he did not foresee the fallout, interpreting it as “the flashpoint of the moment.”

“I meant no disrespect to the Vancouver fans, my teammates or the city of Vancouver at all,” Horvat said after skating the morning before the team faced the Washington Capitals. “It’s not against them at all. The (Islanders) fans are excited, I’m just happy to be in the playoffs, it’s just one of the things that gets me emotionally, I’m really happy to be there.”

Less than a week after acquiring Horvat from the Canucks, the Islanders Signed him to an eight-year, $68 million contract Through the 2030-31 season. Negotiations with Vancouver over an extension failed last year, and the organization’s rebuild prompted action.

During Horvat’s tenure, the Canucks made the playoffs only twice: a first-round exit in their rookie season in 2014-15 and a playoff expansion to 24 teams in 2020. The Islanders acquired Horvat in hopes of returning to the playoffs after missing the postseason last season, and he has scored 15 points in 28 games since the trade.

The 28-year-old center from London, Ont., apologized and said his comments “probably went the wrong way for a lot of people.”

“I’m just happy to be in this position right now, to play in the playoffs, to be there,” Horvath said. “I really enjoyed my time in Vancouver. I didn’t want to disrespect them at all. I’m sorry if it offended anyone, but I’m really happy to be in this position right now. I’m really happy to be here and I Just wanted to express that.”

—Stephen Wino, Associated Press

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