Ice time costs increase in Amherstburg, but not by too much

The cost of ice time in Amherstburg is rising, but how much will depend on how much the town council meets Tuesday night.

Typically, rents and surcharges for prime ice periods, off-peak ice periods are set on January 1 of each year and are kept in line with inflation.

As of January, inflation was projected to be 6.9% through 2023, and town officials believe subsequent increases could become unaffordable for many small sports organizations.

In contrast, town staff considered a 3.54 percent increase. The proposal was approved, setting the prime-hour rate at the Libro Center at $205 an hour.

Small sports organizations, including the Amherstburg Minor Hockey Association and Skate Amherstburg, say fees are still too high. It also makes the rate one of the highest in Essex County.

Tuesday night’s report suggested that the impact could hamper Libro Center’s efforts to add programming, especially on weekdays and non-prime hours.

The town lowered rates on some programs to increase the number of users at the facility. efficient. Usage has increased significantly. Turf Tots doubled their attendance.

If lawmakers agree with the recommendations in the report, prime-time rents would be $201.96, a 2 percent increase over 2022, and non-prime-hour rents would be $110 an hour, down from the previously approved $180.00.

The surcharge for small sports organizations remains at $7 an hour, and the cost of dedicated office space will increase from $12 to $5.60 per square foot.

The report also recommends consulting user groups before increasing fees each year.

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