LeBlanc leads Patriots to Game 3 win

The Forest Hills Patriots scored twice and beat Hannover 3-2 in Game 3 of the PJHL Pollock Division Finals.

The Patriots now lead the series 2-1.

Brody LeBlanc led Forest Hills with two goals and an assist.

LeBron opened the scoring at 14:06 of the first quarter, his 13th time in the playoffs.

Forest Hill extended its lead in the second quarter, with LeBron driving off the right wing and an assist from Ilya Brahani.

Hannover scored in the third quarter to cut the lead in half. Carter Moran scored by scrambling at the net.

However, Forest Hill regained a two-goal lead when Leblanc fired a shot. Goals from Game of Thrones.

Hannover scored their second of the game with a minute and a half left in the third quarter, but then time ran out for the Barons.

Both teams played at a high tempo with positive pre-checks.

Game 4 will take place in Hannover on Wednesday at 8pm

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