Local mayor concerned about construction costs on residents’ property taxes

The mayor of Huron East has raised concerns about the cost of construction and its impact on residents’ property taxes.

Bernie MacLellan asked county staff to provide a report on the estimated costs of three projects ready. These projects include condominiums on Goderich Gibbons Street, the roundabout at the intersection of the South Huron Airport Line and County Road 83, and traffic lights on Bryce Highway 4 and County Road 25.

He said the roundabout and traffic light projects were smaller, but said all three would cut reserves or raise taxes in the coming years.

“I do believe in the Gibbons Street project because it will provide more RGI apartments and places for the homeless and provide services for the homeless to help alleviate the problem in Huron County,” MacLellan said. 100% agree with the whole idea.”

MacLellan said he would like to see more lobbying by the city council to try to get the province, the federal government or a public-private partnership to help pay for it. With a $20 million price tag, that seems like a lot to increase the tax base.

“As long as you have a grant program at any other level of government, one of the criteria always seems to be that you have to have the project ready. I understand that, because if you’re not willing to get it ready, maybe you don’t think it’s in the first place. It’s a worthwhile project,” he said.

MacLellan said all he’s asking for now is an estimate of the cost of getting all three projects ready. If a grant program emerges, he hopes the county will take advantage of it.

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