More CK migrant workers to get enhanced healthcare

With the announcement of the expansion of the Chatham-Kent Community Health Center (CKCHC), more temporary foreign farm workers in Chatham-Kent will receive on-site primary health care in the future.

CKCHC said on Monday that in addition to the two local farms currently serving, their outreach team will support more migrant workers during their stay in the region.

Local healthcare providers say the goal is to reduce barriers to care and promote the overall health and well-being of temporary foreign workers at a time and place that is convenient for the farm and the worker.

“Our team has had great success in reducing barriers to accessing care for temporary foreign workers,” said CKCHC Clinical and Client Services Manager Mallory Nowakowski. “By providing on-site care, we reduce emergency room visits and provide early intervention to prevent serious health problems. We are excited to continue serving the Chatham-Kent community.”

CKCHC said it had developed a plan aimed at addressing the unique health care needs of temporary foreign workers with empathy and respect for their cultural differences.

CKCHC said it had recently reached out to various local farms to understand the unique health care needs of temporary foreign workers in the community and found that they faced some health care challenges in a new country.

CKCHC noted that the expansion of the team will also address the health care needs of diverse populations in the city, including those who face barriers based on race, language, culture and sexual orientation.

“We would love the opportunity to meet with interested farms and learn more about their needs,” said Michelle Powers, CKCHC Registered Practical Nurse. “We believe the expansion of this program will have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of temporary foreign workers in the Chatham-Kent region.”

The CKCHC team, led by a Nurse Practitioner, a Registered Nurse Practitioner, and a Health Promoter, provides medical evaluations, prescription updates, health education, flu vaccination clinics during flu season, and Other health services as needed.

Interested farms are encouraged to contact Michelle Powers at 226-626-7876 or [email protected] to learn more about the program.

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