RCMP warn of phone scammer posing as victim services employee

Burnaby RCMP are warning the public after someone posed as a victim services officer over the phone.

According to a release dated April 5, a man in his 80s reported to Burnaby on March 7 after receiving a call from someone claiming to work for Burnaby RCMP Victim Services. The RCMP reported an attempted fraud.

The man had previouslySo-called grandparents scam“Last summer, the scammer said she could help him recover the lost funds. Police say the scammer verbally provided the elderly man with the actual phone number of the Burnaby RCMP Victim Service Center as a callback number, but when the caller couldn’t When providing any identification, the old man realized it was a scam and contacted the police.

Victim Services provides emotional support, help and referrals to people affected by crime and trauma, but police said a staff member “would never ask for money or offer to help victims recover lost money”.

“Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for police to see victims of scams being targeted on more than one occasion,” Burnaby RCMP said.

Corporal Mike Kalanj said it was “disgusting” to see a scammer posing as a victim services officer trying to scam the elderly man a second time.

Anyone who receives a suspicious call from someone claiming to work for the Burnaby RCMP, including Victim Services, is asked to hang up immediately and call 604-646-9999 for non-emergency calls.

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police Scam

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