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Skid steer stolen from London turns up in Tilbury

A 22-year-old Tilbury man is facing charges after police discovered a skid steer stolen from London was being sold online in Tilbury.

Chatham-Kent Police said the theft of the skid steer was reported to Scotland Yard in February, adding that the owner later learned the machine was for sale online in Mabel Street, Tilbury.

CK Police were able to recover the skid steer and confirm its ownership by reviewing some documents.

A man who lives at the address where the skid steer loader was found has been arrested and charged with possessing stolen property. He was later released and has a future court date.


Two arrested over DNA search warrants

Chatham-Kent Police have captured two Chatham residents who are both wanted on DNA warrants.

A patrolling officer arrested a 34-year-old Chatham woman on King Street just after 7 a.m. on Monday after she had recognized her in a previous encounter, police said.

The woman was charged with failing to comply with a release order and was taken to police headquarters, where officers satisfied a DNA warrant. She was later released with conditions and a future court date.

In a separate case, police arrested a 32-year-old Chatham man who is also wanted on a pending DNA warrant.

He was arrested on Campbell Street in Chatham at 3.45pm on Monday after police were called in to a domestic disturbance there.

The Chatham man was taken to police headquarters where a warrant was satisfied and the man was released unconditionally.


Man arrested for failing to appear in court

A 27-year-old Chatham-Kent man is finding out the hard way, you don’t want to go against a judge – especially when dating in court.

Police said they arrested the man on Thomas Avenue in Wallaceburg shortly after 9 a.m. Monday while responding to a domestic disturbance.

He was taken to police headquarters and detained during a bail hearing.


Chatham-Kent man arrested for failing to comply with probation

Chatham-Kent police have arrested a local man wanted for violating his probation.

Police said they located the man on Wellington Street East in Chatham just after 10pm on Monday and recognized him from a previous encounter.

He was arrested after officials confirmed he was wanted for an outstanding warrant.

The 43-year-old Chatham-Kent man was charged with failing to comply with a probation order and was later released to face future court.

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