Huron County hosts international art installation for Waves Festival

The Huron Waves Festival will kick off the 2023 season with Gaia Adventure.

The event will be held at Trivet Church Hall in Exeter from 1st to 23rd June.

Artistic director John Miller said a six-foot-wide Gaia sculpture by British artist Luke Jerram will hang in the auditorium. Outside on Baldwin Street, they’ll have a floor plan of Canada. All the images pieced together for Gaia came from NASA spacecraft, while the images on the map came from a Canadian satellite, he said.

South Huron Council has agreed to close Baldwin Street during the Gaia Adventure.

Miller described Gaia as a six-foot-diameter balloon suspended from the ceiling. It is illuminated from within and rotates very slowly so that those present at Gaia can see the entire Earth. He said there is also a soundscape that goes with it, the sounds of astronauts looking at Earth from outer space, and a musical interpretation of space.

“For 14 of those days, school groups come to see Gaia, learn about the environment and space, and look at maps that will be posted on the street. Over 900 students have already signed up with their teachers to experience Gaia,” he said.

Miller said the installation has already toured the world with great success in Asia, Europe and North America, but this is the first time it has appeared at a festival in Canada, so they are excited to present it in Huron County. out a month.

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