London police turn up $8.3M from south-end cannabis lab (GALLERY)

Police in London have laid more charges in a drugs and weapons investigation, leading officers to remain on site over the past few days to oversee the dismantling of a large cannabis extraction laboratory.

Police were called to a “disturbance” at a residence on Commissioners Road East near Huntington Drive last Tuesday. While responding, officers noticed strange equipment and materials, leading them to call the fire department for help.

Police and fire officials later learned that the material was used in a marijuana extraction lab located at the home. Police remained at the scene for the rest of last week and early this week while officials worked to dismantle the lab.

Investigators said a man who was initially arrested on April 4 was in custody for matters unrelated to the drug and weapons investigation. The second individual was released unconditionally while the investigation continued.

On Tuesday, police announced that they had seized a number of weapons, drugs and other related paraphernalia during a search of the residence and the demolition of the laboratory. Two London men have also been charged.

Items seized during the investigation included:
• Approximately 140kg of cannabis shakes, estimated to be worth $14,000
• Approximately 162 liters of suspected cannabis resin with an estimated value of $8,100,200
• Approximately 1.2 kilograms of suspected cannabis butter with an estimated value of $96,000
• Approximately 1.34 kilograms of suspected marijuana “shards” with an estimated value of $67,000
• 672 marijuana gummies with an estimated value of $3,360
• 143 marijuana lollipops with an estimated value of $715
• 551 grams of psilocybin with an estimated value of $5,510
• 231 grams of ecstasy with an estimated value of $11,550
• 8,999 grams of cannabis buds with an estimated value of $89,990
• Loaded Norinco M305 Semi-Auto .308 Long Rifle
• Loaded .38 caliber pistol
• 14 rounds of 0.38 caliber ammunition
• 264 rounds of .308 caliber ammunition
• Three mobile phones
• Extensive laboratory equipment estimated at $500,000

Investigators valued the drugs seized from the property at $8,388,325.

Police in London jointly charged Donovan Wendt, 30, and Felice R. Ferri, 46, with possession of Schedule I and III substances for trafficking, possession of cannabis for distribution, possession for sale and alteration of cannabis with organic solvents.

Winter also faces additional charges including two counts of carrying a prohibited firearm without a license or registration, two counts of possessing a prohibited firearm, two counts of possessing a loaded controlled firearm, and three counts of careless storage and possession of prohibited ammunition.

Police said Winter remains in custody and is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday. Meanwhile, as Ferri’s whereabouts are unknown, an arrest warrant has been issued.

Anyone with information regarding the incident or Ferri’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Metropolitan Police at 519-661-5670 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). Tips can also be sent anonymously online to Crime Stoppers, Elgin Middlesex, London.

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