Municipality looking at raising funds for park upgrades

Perth East is looking to make some upgrades to Greenwood Park in Milverton.

Recreation Director Becky Westman said the city completed its strategic park renewal plan in 2021, and one of the recommendations was to revitalize Greenwood Park. As Westerman points out, the park has become quite outdated.

“Due to age and poor condition, some of the rides have been removed. The restrooms were removed a few years ago, and there is a pavilion in there that needs some remodeling as well,” Westerman noted.

Westman said they want to upgrade in stages, and this summer they hope to rebuild the park restrooms and make them fully accessible. Westman said the cost will be about $75,000 and they will apply for government grants to help, which could mean construction will start soon.

“If our grant application is successful, construction must be completed by March 2024. We haven’t submitted a grant application yet, but it’s $60,000,” Westerman said.

That will leave about $15,000 for fundraising, and Westman said the Milverton Lions Club hopes to collaborate on the project and help raise money for restrooms and tree planting.

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