Greater Victoria bridge clubs boast 7 grand masters

Sandra Fraser played at the Monterey Bridge Club with three other masters at the masters level.

The American Contract Bridge League serves more than 165,000 participating members and rewards the winner with masterpoints. To reach the highest level of Senior Living Master, members must accumulate 10,000 points.

Greater Victoria now boasts seven of these masters — Doug Fraser, Rhonda Foster, Gerry McCully, Duncan H. Smith, Michael J. Roche, James McAvoy and now Sandra.

Sandra also won the 2019 Canadian Mixed Team Championships with husband Doug Fraser, Jim and Constance McAvoy, and Rhonda Foster and Gerry McCarley. The team also represented Canada at the Fall 2019 World Mixed Team Championships in China, where Fraser also captured the North American Bridge Championship title.

Sandra scored the final score along with husband Doug, Smith and Jim McAvoy. The quartet, who are also national champions, celebrated their latest milestone at the nearby Oak Bay pub ahead of their preparations for the upcoming tournament at the Victoria Convention Centre.

Played by more than 220 million people worldwide, bridge is the most popular card game, according to club members. Studies have shown that regular playing of bridge can improve reasoning skills as well as short- and long-term memory, while strengthening social connections.

Greater Victoria has a vibrant bridge scene, with two local clubs regularly hosting the popular American Bridge Championship. The Monterey Bridge Club hosts 16 to 23 table tournaments twice a week.

CRD is hosting the ACBL Regional Bridge April 17-23 and has pledged to bring hundreds of people to the city.

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