Langford woman sues city and arena operators after being hit by puck

A civil trial has begun in a woman’s case against the city of Langford, the operator of the Eagle Ridge Community Center and others – claiming she was hit in the eye by a puck while watching a roller hockey game in 2014.

Shirley Lynn Matthews alleges in court documents that the rink’s operator, Performance Plus Hockey Inc. and the city of Langford were negligent when the puck flew through a hole in the safety net surrounding the dry field out.

The case, which began in the Supreme Court of Victoria on April 4, resumed on Tuesday (April 11) after three days of hearings last week and is expected to last 11 days.

According to a document Matthews filed in court on March 7, the incident occurred on May 3, 2014 and left Matthews with injuries including a fractured nasal bone, concussion, eye and facial damage as well as nausea, headache, Depression and Anxiety, 2016.

Performance Plus and the city of Langford have a duty of care under the Occupier Liability Act to keep the premises safe, according to her court filings. The claim argues that both parties failed to perform their duties by failing to ensure the security of the network.

The document also mentions Greg Smith, the player who shot the ball, and the Eagle Ridge team, which was then playing as part of the Eagle Ridge Roller Hockey League.

The statement said Smith failed to “exercise a reasonable and prudent hockey player’s standard of care.”

Matthews is seeking compensation, including pain and suffering, loss of income and cost of care.

In a response filed on September 19, 2016, Performance Plus argued that the case should be dismissed, dismissing Matthews’ claim that she was injured during the incident, and saying that if she was injured, it was because Matthews failed to take proper care and Watch the game.

The city of Langford did not respond to a request for comment.

None of these claims have been proven in court.

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