Life and Style with Brianne Mactier

– Text by Lia Crowe, photography by Don Denton

native On Vancouver Island, Brianne worked in digital marketing and traveled the world, but she always knew she’d be back.

“After over 10 years away from Ladysmith,” says Brianne, “I recently found myself back here, ready for my next adventure. I work with my mother who has been a local realtor in the area for over 20 years , together we create Mediya Real Estate Group

When asked what “inspires her” in her work, she said, “I get to help people find their dream home. Part of that appeals to those who are usually down-to-earth nature lovers who really appreciate this incredible place we can call home.”

Brianne is passionate about yoga, hiking with her dog, fitness, nature, travel and adventure, and she also loves being a Ladysmith Downtown Business Association.

“I love volunteering and giving back to my community.”

When asked about the practices she adopted that led to her success, she said, “Meditation: It calms the everyday and minimizes stress. The ability to be still allows you to move through life in a peaceful way. Positive energy And embodiment is so powerful! Once you understand and can harness the power of your thoughts, you can do anything you set your mind to.”

When it comes to style, for Brianne it’s all about confidence, comfort and elegance.

She added: “The best life lesson I’ve learned is not to take anything too seriously, including yourself.”

Style Inspiration & Life

Style icon: Dolly Parton.

Favorite artist: Historical figure: Rembrandt. current: Kerry Larson Leave Vancouver.

Works: Rembrandt night dutyI was lucky enough to see it in person and it brought tears to my eyes.

Favorite fashion designer or brand: Vintage.

Favorite musician: Neil Young.

The era that inspired your style: 1960s/70s.

Favorite Cocktail or Wine: Old Fashioned and Italian red wine.

Albums in current rotation: Nicky Lane: denim and diamonds.

Favorite flower: Dahlias or roses.

Favorite app: Star Walk; it’s great for stargazing and learning about constellations, planets, and the moon.

Favorite place in the whole world: Abroad: Italy is a never-ending romantic getaway. South of the Border: Utah is absolutely magical. My Backyard: Heart Lake sits on top of a hill behind Ladysmith.

One thing that always lifts your spirits during tough times: yoga.

fashion and beauty

Uniform: Black leggings, black boots and a fun coat or sweater to liven it up. I’m a real estate agent so I travel a lot and I like the combination of comfort and elegance.

All-time favorite piece: I’m a master at finding a comfortable black maxi dress that I can style with anything I want. Simple and elegant.

Favorite pair of shoes: Black boots.

Favorite work tool: Jacket with pockets.

Fashion obsession: jackets.

Top-spending accessories: Boots…and maybe a jacket.

A necessary indulgence in fashion or beauty: quality! Pay a little extra to make sure things last. Fast fashion is so unsustainable.

Moisturizer: Relativskin.

Smell: I love men’s colognes; they respond differently to women and are very pretty. Currently, Burberry’s Hero.

Beauty Tip: Smile at yourself in the mirror. love yourself.

Reading material

What do you read online for style: I am inspired by vintage pieces, so I follow a lot of vintage pickers on IG.

Favorite Print Magazine: rolling stone.

Favorite style blog: @shopthefaraway on Instagram.

Coffee Table Book/Photobook: Beautiful Recipes: Now Island Food: Signature Chef Recipes from Vancouver Island and the Salish Sea Dawn Postnikov and Joanne Sasvari.

Last read: green light Author: Matthew McConaughey.

Books I’m reading: The Light of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali BKS Iyengar.

Favorite book of all time: unfettered soul By Michael A. Young.

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