Overdose increase prompts WECOSS alert

Hospitals in Windsor-Essex have been dealing with a high number of suspected opioid overdoses.

The Windsor-Essex Community Opioid and Substance Strategy (WECOSS) reported Wednesday afternoon that there were 14 opioid-related visits to regional emergency departments between April 4 and 10.

There is no word yet on how many of these overdoses involved fentanyl.

Between Saturday and Monday, WECOSS reported consecutive days of ambulance calls for possible opioid overdoses. Throughout the week of the investigation, Essex-Windsor EMS received 18 calls regarding this issue.

WECOSS is made up of dozens of partners led by the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit. These include the City of Windsor, Windsor Police, LaSalle Police, Ontario Provincial Police, all three Windsor-Essex hospital systems, Essex-Windsor EMS, Canadian Mental Health Association, Brentwood Rehabilitation Home and more.

For complete information on what to do if someone has overdosed, visit WECOSS official website.

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