PODCAST: Jay Ingram talks about Alzheimer’s and how we can reduce our risk

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Host Peter McCully chats with science broadcaster Jay Ingram, author and longtime co-host of Discovery Channel’s science show Daily Planet.

Ingram is the author of seventeen books, three of which have won Canadian Science Writer Awards and several that have reached the bestseller lists, including a book on aging and Alzheimer’s disease, The End of Memory.

As a spokesperson for the Public Health Agency of Canada, Ingram hopes to educate British Columbians and Canadians about dementia risk factors.

“I think the most reliable number is that there are 62,000 people with dementia in British Columbia starting in 2019. 12,000 of them were diagnosed in the previous year, which sounds like a lot, right? 20% of the total. But That’s not surprising because every province in the country has an aging population, and the biggest risk factor is age, and there’s really not much you can do about it,” Ingram said.

There is no cure for dementia and some risk factors cannot be changed, however, some studies have shown that adopting a healthy lifestyle and modifying certain risk factors can reduce the risk of developing dementia, including delaying the onset of symptoms.

Ingram told “Today in British Columbia” host Peter McCully, “If we can delay the onset by, say, five years by addressing all of these risk factors, that’s a better life, a more fulfilling five years. years, let’s say a patient with dementia, that’s five years. Less stress on caregivers and five years less impact on the healthcare system. Delay is a great goal. Prevention would be better. Treatment might be better than That’s better. But let’s take the opportunity we have now.

It is estimated that 12 risk factors explain 40% of dementia cases worldwide. Ingram touched on these modifiable risk factors, including low educational attainment, hearing loss, depression and social isolation.

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