Victoria police officer disarmed while escorting intoxicated person out of club

A police officer has been disarmed during an altercation with two Victorian club regulars. (File photo from Black Press Media)

Victorian police disarm while escorting drunk man out of club

VicPD says two customers attacked two police officers

A Victorian police officer has been disarmed after responding to a drunk club regular on Friday (April 7).

Police were called to a nightclub on Yates Street about 1.20am after they received a call about an intoxicated customer refusing to leave.

When the person was escorted out by police, the VicPD said the customer and another individual assaulted two responding officers, one of whom was “disarmed”. A second person involved, who knew the drunk patron, was also asked to leave the club, police said.

The pair have not yet been charged, but the VicPD said it would recommend charges for assaulting police and disarming police.

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