Watercolour paintings by local artist to be featured at St. Marys Station Gallery

An exhibition of watercolors by Renee Knight will be on view at St Mary’s Station Gallery starting this weekend.

According to the gallery, the artist is known for creating “intimate reflections of rural lifestyles”.

“Embracing the familiar, she creates something extraordinary every day. The dramatic interplay of light and shadow creates the illusion of three dimensions,” said a statement from St Mary’s Station Gallery. “That’s the essence of the award-winning artist’s inspiration.”

Knight was born in England, but did most of his artistic training in Ontario. She has a degree in Fine Arts from West London University. The artist achieved great success with watercolors, but she is best known for her colored pencil creations.

From Saturday, Knight’s work will be on display at the Station Gallery. She will be present at the Meet and Greet on Opening Day from 1pm to 4pm.

A special preview of the exhibition will be held on Friday.

The exhibition is scheduled to be on view at the gallery until May 22.

St Mary’s Station Gallery has provided images of some of Knight’s works on display in the exhibition:

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