Windsor to add tennis, pickleball courts this year

To meet growing demand, the City of Windsor will soon begin construction on several new tennis and pickleball courts.

The stadiums will be built in three parks across the city. Each set will include four pickle ball courts and one tennis court.

Construction on the first set of courses will begin this week at the Fontainebleau Park, with an expected completion date of August.

Construction will begin on the Goldenwood Park set later this month, with an expected completion date also in August.

Wilson Park will begin construction on its own course in May and is expected to open in September.

All parks will remain open during construction, but users are asked to stay away from construction areas.

Windsor A total of 10 parks operate tennis courts and pickleball courts throughout the city. However, the courts at the Parkside Tennis Club in Jackson Park are not run by the city.

City-operated tennis and pickleball courts are generally open from late April to October 31, weather permitting.Open from 8am to dusk, except for the lighted pitches, which open at 11pm

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