– Chatham shooter gets sentenced

A man accused of shooting three people in Chatham in 2021 has finally been sentenced.

At Chatham Court on Thursday, Terry Saint Hill was jailed for eight years, with a shorter term to be served.

San Gil has been held in Penetanguishene since his arrest in May 2021.

The defense seeks 5.5 years in prison, while the prosecution seeks 7-8 years.

Judge Paul Kowalyshyn awarded St Hil pre-sentence custody more but denied additional award due to COVID-19 lockdown in prison, saying he had no evidence the lockdown was harmful to St Hil have any adverse effects.

San Hill was also banned for life from owning or possessing a weapon, had to submit a DNA sample and had no contact with the three victims or co-defendants.

Saint Hill is one of five people charged with murdering three men from Chatham on Harvey Street in Chatham in January 2021 after receiving threats on social media.

St. Hill was under a weapons ban and was on probation when the shooting occurred.

One victim was shot in the left wrist and required surgery, while another suffered a bruise to the shoulder.

St Hill was initially charged with attempted murder but admitted to shooting with intent to endanger life and to killing a dog during the shooting.

He apologized to the victims and their families, asking for their forgiveness.

Judge Kowalyshyn took issue with St. Hill’s drive from Cambridge to Chatham to shoot the man.

“You planned it. You made it happen,” Kowalyshyn said.

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