Documentary screening hopes to drive connections in Wingham

Wingham Community Connectors will be screening a documentary at Maitland River Primary School next week aimed at bringing the community closer.

Chairman Kristen Marshall said the film big disconnect See why people are increasingly feeling socially isolated in a world that seems more connected than ever, and the true cost to our lives and communities.

“We’re trying to bring members of our community closer together, and right now because of the turmoil we’ve had with COVID, that’s isolating a lot of people and making them feel alone, which they’re used to,” she said. “Meeting their neighbors and having that personal connection, rather than texting or just a quick wave and smile, goes a long way.”

But Marshall said if we don’t start talking to each other, we’re going to feel more and more isolated these days.

Screenings will begin at Maitland River Primary School on Tuesday 18th April at 6.30am. The movie is about an hour, after which they will have a discussion between the groups asking people for some thoughts on their Wingham community and how it can be improved.

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