More funding to support homelessness prevention

The Windsor region will receive an additional $4 million annually to provide homelessness prevention and housing support programs.

Each year, the City of Windsor will receive $16,698,400 to provide services throughout Windsor and Essex counties. This is a 34% increase from the previous year.

Windsor-Tecumseh MPP Andrew Dowie said: “We’ve heard very clearly that every penny of available funding is being used and stretched to the limit, and without change we really can’t achieve our community’s goals and help people get out of trouble.”

Andrew Daher, Commissioner of Human and Health Services for the City of Windsor, said the funding was urgently needed.

“This will ensure our emergency shelters remain staffed and funded, and will also provide additional rental assistance or utility assistance to those who may lose their homes,” Daher said.

Part of the funding will also go towards the ongoing operation of the Windsor and Leamington Homeless Centre.

The funds are part of the proposed 2023 provincial budget. Provincewide, there is an additional $202 million budgeted for these programs. The Ontario legislature has yet to pass a budget.

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